Representative profile of a particular group of people, such as a market segment, a group of users, or any group of stakeholders. The profile is not a stereotype but an archetype based on real research; even if the figure itself is fictional, this helps to identify groups with similar needs and behaviour.

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Indications emerged from the DRLab experience for the use of the tool.

Instructions for using the template

1. Indicate the project title. Indicate the stakeholder group to which the profile belongs.

2. Make a drawing or insert a photograph that represents the profile, avoiding the use of images that refer to prejudices of gender, ethnicity or stereotypes.

3. Assign a name to the profile that reflects the following features:
- it immediately suggests a cultural and social context of reference
- it indicates a feature or key quality of the profile and immediately connects to astakeholder group

4. Write a motto or a quotation that helps sum up the attitude of the profile in a single sentence.

5. Describe the profile through features that can show personality, habit, interest, particular skills, needs, expectations, motivations, frustrations or backgrounds of the persona. Include details important for context and goals.

6. Describe problems and difficulties, desires or ambitions of the profile in relation to context and goals. Assign each of the indications a relative value according to its importance or impact.

N.B. Be careful not to fall into stereotypes.

N.B. The number of personas profiles should be proportionate to the type of project and therefore to the type and quantity of data available from previous research phases. Specifically, the number of profiles generated depends on the heterogeneity of the characteristics of the users on which a specific project is focused. In general, and also based on the number of people in the project team, with more than six personas profiles, it is difficult to distinguish and memorize the different characteristics of the individual profiles effectively.

Download the manual for using the tool. Inside you’ll find an introduction, instructions for completing it independently, some practical tips, the template (A3 format) and an example of how to fill it out. Here you can also download only the template in A3 and A1 formats.

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