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Service Design for School-Work Alternation

Offer / Training / Design experiences

Period: February 2018 – October 2018
Location: Buonarroti-Pozzo Higher Institute

Format: Design Studio
Partner: Buonarroti-Pozzo Technical-Technological Institute (TN)

With the Reform of Education, the so-called “Buona scuola” and with the introduction of the compulsory nature of the School-Work Alternation -ASL- and the Reform of Apprenticeship, the transformation of the educational and training system was carried out in Italy to arrive at the definition of a model of “dual system” that aligns us with other European countries in which work is recognized as a “necessary and indispensable educational experience” to form the human capital of the future. In particular, in the Trentino system, 400 hours in technical and professional institutes and 200 hours in high schools certainly represent an innovative didactic format in the consideration that overcoming the division between theory and practices in the study paths cannot be immediate, but it is urgent and necessary.

This objective is one of the medium / long term ones and can only be achieved through new organizational efforts and new design practices. For this reason, DRLab intends to introduce the design culture of Service Design in the various units and teams of managers in charge of the good functioning of the ASL, thus allowing all the actors involved to be protagonists in its complex ecosystem. On the Service Design project for School-Work Alternation, see also the Design Workshops and the Design Seminar carried out in collaboration with Trentino IPRASE. See also the event to present the results of the project organized in collaboration with the Buonarroti-Pozzo Institute of Trento.