S.W.O.T. Analysis

S.W.O.T. Analysis

A tool for strategic evaluation based on points of strength/weakness and opportunities/threats of a given project. The form provided simplifies the analysis and allows a visual handling of the evaluation phase.

Download the manual for using the tool with tips and instructions.
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Indications emerged from the DRLab experience for the use of the tool.

Instructions for using the template

1. Define the project title. Define the goal.

2. Define the points of strength, i.e. organizational competences and/or stakeholders useful for reaching the goal.

3. Define the points of weakness, i.e. the organizational competences, and/or stakeholders that might inhibit reaching the goal.

4. Define the opportunities, i.e. the external conditions useful for achieving the goal.

5. Define the risks, i.e. the external conditions that might damage the project’s performance.

Download the manual for using the tool. Inside you’ll find an introduction, instructions for completing it independently, some practical tips, the template (A3 format) and an example of how to fill it out. Here you can also download only the template in A3 and A1 formats.

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