Research and development projects to create innovative solutions and introduce service design.

Activation of collaborations in order to implement innovative solutions in the form of research and development projects through service design.

Research and development projects are more effective, in order to transfer the design culture of service design, if preceded by "pilot projects" and activities foreseen in the "training" and "services" section.


This is a range of activities aimed at introducing innovative solutions in a reference system. This offer requires the identification and development of different types of activities based on the context and objectives shared with the project partners. Generally, these activities include various actions ranging from pure research, to the identification of implementation models of innovative solutions in a real environment, going from design, prototyping and piloting phases.
According to the activities of the DRLab, in compliance with its mission, this type of offer will also be oriented to create contexts where service design will be implemented as a design discipline. The research projects will be introduced through the "Transfer Through Design" framework. For this reason, the activities proposed in the offer relating to "services" and "training", as well as the offer relating to "pilot projects", are considered to be preparatory and / or strongly indicative for the introduction of project practices in service design through research and development actions.