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Infographics for Trentino Research Habitat

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Period: May - July 2019
Stakeholder: Autonomous Province of Trento

The Forum for research, called "Trentino Research Habitat", was established by the Autonomous Province of Trento in April 2019. It is a significant moment during which, starting from an analysis of the state of the art of Trentino research, identify the best development paths for the coming years. Focus of the Forum is a working group composed of 15 members identified among the best experts at national and international level in the field of scientific research, technology transfer, market trends, who discussed decisions regarding the disbursement of funds for future research and development projects with impact on the territory of Research.

The DRLab was responsible for the production of infographics - related to the work table held on 11 May 2019 - which in a synthetic way and with the help of visual aids, could clearly and effectively expose the contents of the debate.
The work was carried out by adopting a qualitative approach that allowed the analysis and evaluation of the discussion of the Forum topics according to the relationship between development and relevance perceived during the listening phase. The creation of the infographics was carried out following the Double Diamond design practice, in its various exploration, definition, development and implementation phases.
The main results, still in confidential form, were presented on the occasion of the final event of the Research Forum on Saturday the 20th of July 2019, at Malga Costa - Val di Sella (Borgo Valsugna, TN).

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