Exploratory services of the project context.

Design-based exploration tools, methods and techniques applied in the field in order to understand the design characteristics.

Design probes are preparatory to the activities in the "training" and "projects" section.


The probes are design-based exploratory tools applied to design contexts to comprehensively understand the characteristics that influence project data and dynamics.

The main steps for applying the probe are listed below:

1. Designing the probe

This phase includes:
• identifying the target;
• evaluating the context;
• analysing opportunities and limits of application;
• design of the application set consisting of tools adapted from literature or tools designed ad hoc;
• arrangement of resources for the following stage.

2. Application of the probe

This phase includes:
• activation of actions planned in the previous phase;
• support and monitoring of the progress of the probe;
• preparation of tools and resources to develop the next phase.

3. Data analysis

This phase includes:
• analysis of the data collected by the probe with additional tools designed in the previous phase;
• arrangement and generation of outputs, dissemination material and summary documents to facilitate the reading the analyzed data.