Design ethnography plan

Design ethnography plan

This template has been designed to support the planning of design ethnography activities, i.e. actions for observing users in their normal environments. It is based on ethnography and gives preference to empathy with users in the project context.

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Instructions for using the template

1. Indicate the project title.

2. Indicate the research question that will guide the whole exploration process.

3. Indicate the context for observation.

4. Choose an approach: immersive, non-intrusive or participatory, through which to follow the observation. Indicate the way in which the observer will note and gather required data
(notebook, video, sound recordings, etc).

5. Define an ethical line to follow during the observation and in the following phases. Plan any permits or information necessary to explore the context anonymously or to interact with it, define who the permissions should be requested from, who will take care of them, to whom they will be subjected.

6. Indicate the typology of interviews used for select people, their specificities in relation to the research question, after having observed the context. The interviews can be non-structured or semi-structured. Indicate the minimum number of interviews required, the time dedicated to each of them and the tools necessary for the interview (notebook, sound recording, video, etc).

7. Define how the collected data will be sorted, cataloged and archived, and the relative support to be used (PC, Drive, files etc.).

8. Indicate how the gathered data will be read and analysed, and what results and outputs are desired for the conclusion of the exploration.

Download the manual for using the tool. Inside you’ll find an introduction, instructions for completing it independently, some practical tips, the template (A3 format) and an example of how to fill it out. Here you can also download only the template in A3 and A1 formats.

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