A new visual identity for the DRLab

A new visual identity for the DRLab

News | 30 July 2020

In the last months of 2019, the DRLab redesigned its coordinated image, with the aim of making its identity clear and understandable.
Referring to its mission and vision, the DRLab team has developed a design concept based on three fundamental directions:
- citizen involvement in respect of constant dialogue;
- experimentation of models of democratic participation in the direction of human-centred project autonomy;
- understanding and enhancing the complexity of the Trentino area in favor of innovation.

The logo

The new logo, built on a square base, is composed of 9 circular elements, arranged on 3 lines and 3 columns. The circular elements are random and all identical circumferences, except for those positioned along the diagonal, which goes from the lower left corner to the upper right corner, which instead have different sizes in ascending order. The last, the largest, borders on the base grid giving the logo the fundamental reference to thinking outside the box. The result is a versatile logo, graphically simple but full of meaning.

The value modules

Starting from the logo construction grid, and keeping the basic structure constant - sizes, distances, proportions - different substructures based on diagonals, tangents or symmetries have been designed. The set of symbols, to which different meanings have been attributed, has become the DRLab language in a relationship of coherent relationship with the logo.
Nine modules were selected which, individually valid, together represent both the values ​​to which the DRLab refers and their necessary interconnection, as well as the complexity and dynamism of the DRLab's activities.